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In episode 6 of “Words,Words, Words” the topic of discussion was sneezing and the phrase “bless you”. The narrator, Mr. Tinajero, talks about facts surrounding sneezing and as to why humans started saying “bless you” in response to someone sneezing. Sneezes travel through air, bright light and tweezing your eyebrows can cause people to sneeze and we can’t sneeze in our sleep. There is two possible reasons why “bless you” became a common courtesy. First, during the Bubonic Plague sneezing was a common symptom. Therefore, the Pope suggested using “bless you”, after a sneeze to hopefully prevent someone’s death. Second, in ancient times there was a belief that our soul was in the air and was in the head. To prevent our soul from leaving our body, people would ask god for a blessing, hence “god bless you”. Whichever of these may the reason for the use of “bless you”, one thing we can agree on is that using the phrase is seen as basic manners. This is because for centuries, we have been told that after one’s sneeze we must use “bless you” as a form of politeness.

Our own language

I am in two discourse communities that allow me to communicate in different ways by using language, tone and vocabulary. A discourse community is a group of people who share an interest or value that allows them to connect through language. One of the discourse communities I am in is the makeup community. There are phrases or terms only people in this community would understand. For instance, “If you put too much foundation you will look cakey” . This does not mean that the person will look like a dessert. It means the foundation will cause her face to look oily. The second discourse community I am in is my church choir group. We often say “I can’t go high in this verse”. This phrase means that my voice cannot reach a high note in a certain part of the song. Sometimes we’ll say, “you’re off key”, meaning someone is not blending into the song. Discourse communities have taught me that we communicate according to the groups we are around. There is discourse communities all around, we have all created our own languages in a way.

The easy way to end a friendship

Detaching yourself slowly from someone and sounding busier is better than ending a friendship. There is no confrontation involved and it leads to less animosity between both parties. Ending friendships is no easy thing to do. Especially when you do not want to deal with the unpleasant confrontation. Reducing calls and texts will ultimately show that you are not as present in their life as you used to be. This can be hard if the person you are trying to cut ties with is your work partner or someone you need to have contact with. I would suggest sounding dull and uninterested to show that you do not want to talk to them. In addition, appearing more occupied can also show that you have other important things to tend to.  In the article the author adds a quote. “They’ll understand where your priorities lie,” says Geoffrey Greif, DSW, the author of Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships.” It will be obvious that your friendship is not as important as it used to be. This will prevent aversion and awkward tension. The person will just believe your friendship faded. If you want to prevent the uncomfortable scenarios that come with ending a friendship, then I suggest you cut the contact and look busier than ever. 

Why you need a Rhetoric and Writing class

Rhetoric and writing studies is the most resourceful class to take because it helps students create good persuasive arguments and compose well structured essays. Students should be able to identify a strong and weak argument. A strong argument ultimately defines a whole essay, it should be persuasive and make the readers clearly understand the point. A rhetoric and writing class would teach students how to think logically in order to create proper arguments. In addition, knowing how to formulate an organized essay is fundamental in writing. There is no use of writing an essay with good arguments and claims if the structure is sloppy and complicated to comprehend. A rhetoric class would provide students with detailing information on how to dissect the organization of a well written essay and effective writing. To conclude, rhetoric and writing studies is the best choice for a student that wants to improve their overall skills in persuasive writing.

World Religions and its effects

High school students should take a mandatory “World Religions” class because it would broaden their apprehension and create a mindful perspective of one’s cultural and religious belief. Not taking a world religions class may cause students to not understand literature, politics and history in their courses. Just like students are required to take a foreign language class, they should as well learn more about the religions that have impacted various nations wether it’s in political affairs or social changes. For example, what the religion consists of, the roots of the religion and the influence the religion has had in society. In addition to that, having taken the course will help the students be more open minded and acquainted with people’s religions. Everyday we come across someone who identifies with a certain affiliation, and I believe educating students in various religions will create inclusion between people. Having knowledge about the different religions in this world will equip students in their future and lead them to be moral. 

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